Customer Testimonials

Here is what our happy Sinol customers have to say…

Sinol has been a great product for my partner and I to get hold of – it has reduced all the symptoms of hay fever that can make life miserable. We have been using it for over a year. We have found the admin and service to be excellent – fast contact and fast dispatching. Thank you!

Kaye, Christchurch New Zealand

Sinol is a fantastic product that has helped both my husband and I with sinusitis, rhinitis, blocked noses and allergy symptoms.  We can highly recommend its use and it is easy to use, reasonably priced and truly effective. Thank you, Sinol!

Lea   Chatswood (NSW)

I have suffered migraines for 61 years. I understand there are many causes and most of my life has been a balancing act, trying to keep up with all the triggers. I still take excellent care of my health to keep the frequency and duration down, but now that I have Sinol, I feel like I have a new lease on life. No matter the cause, dust mites, food chemicals or stress,a few squirts of Sinol and the pain is completely removed. Thank you, Sinol, this is the most incredible product ever produced for migraines.

Marsha (Vic)

Sinol works and is easy to use.  I have been using Sinol for about 12 months and no longer wake with a “fog” in my head.  Using Sinol combined with less dairy has helped alleviate sinus conditions associated with pollen allergies etc.  I only occasionally need the use an antihistamine.  I recommend Sinol to all my fellow allergy sufferers. I could not be without Sinol now.

Trish, Rose Bay (NSW)

I have been suffering with Sinusitis for 20 years and popping up to 6 painkillers a day until I discovered Sinol Sinus Spray. Not only is it all Natural but it brings immediate relief to me in minutes. Goodbye painkillers, hello Sinol!

Jimmy,  Chatswood (NSW)

I’ve been suffering from Sinusitis for about 10yrs with Dr visits complaining of headaches. Without fail I have tried most over the counter and prescription medicated nasal sprays, with little or no effect. Most mornings I would wake up with bubbling symptoms dissipating and once again I could breathe, only to return back at night when I slept. This product has helped immensely. I have been using SINOL now for 3 months without popping any panadol or gel caps daily to relieve the pressure build up in my head. Thank you for a great product that works.
Anna, Lewisham (NSW)

You might like to know, your product has transformed my wife’s life. The E.N.T. up here was going to do surgery for chronic sinus. We got second a opinion in Sydney and he put her onto Sinol.

Terry, Newcastle (NSW)

I have been suffering with a chronic sinus condition for 30 years. Now after using Sinol for only 6 months I can breathe properly without the side effects I used to get from over the counter products. It has changed my life.

Brian, Pennant Hills (NSW)

I’ve had constant sinus and allergy frustrations for the past 10 years. I’d rather not use commercial drugs and chemicals for illness and infection and would prefer a natural remedy. In the past, natural remedies have not worked for me but since I have been using SINOL, I have noticed a big difference. It’s a fantastic product for me and it’s very reasonably priced. I’ve already recommended it to friends and colleagues.

Andrea, Gunn (NT)

I’ve had chronic sinus trouble for so long sometimes I almost forgot I had a nose! Even having an operation a few years ago did alleviate my problems for a time but my allergy remained and so did blocked noses especially when I contracted a cold. I knew chilli helped with clearing the sinuses and am a big chilli fan but sometimes after a cold my nose would be so blocked I would resort to dabbing chilli oil up there which does work, j ust isn’t that fun! I found Sinol when I was searching for a solution involving chilli that was better designed than my finger. I’ve  never written a testimonial for anything in my life but I’ll  testify to this product.

Sinol seriously works for me and I reckon I’ve been on the hard to cure end of the scale. If I still get the occasional blocked nose from a cold or my cats,Sinol quickly clears it up.

Richard,  Malvern (VIC)